EuroVr President at AVRA Days

EuroVR President at AVRA Days Skolkovo

EuroVR President Marco Sacco has been invited to present the EuroVR Association during the Russian event “AVRA Days Skolkovo”.

Taking place on October 24th 2017 in Moscow, the conference AVRA DAYS Skolkovo will show the possibilities of AR / VR-technologies for solving business problems and integration into business processes and to have a talk about the efficiency of technology implementation.

This event will provide not only comprehensive information on AR / VR / 360, but also direct contacts of companies that can offer the best quality solutions. You will be able to exchange experience, discuss perspectives and projects, get an analysis of the benefits of using technology for business, advice on solving your problems.

This will be the occasion to reinforce the relationships between the EuroVR Association and the AVRA Association in Russia.

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