LabLENI – DEMETER project

We can state that the DEMETER project has ended with great results, an advanced neuro leadership tool for the Assessment and Enhancement of the Organizational and Personnel Development.

LabLENI developed together with Neurosteps, a mixed platform of immersive technologies and virtual reality for the evaluation and development of skills in Leadership based on Organizational Neurosciences. The project has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Grant Number RTC-2017-6052-7).

About the project

The aim of DEMETER is the development of a new platform for evaluation and training of leadership skills based on a neuroscientific model of generalist leadership (Grawe’s Model) through implicit measure and virtual reality. Using stealth assessment and psychophysiological measures to obtain implicit processes related to the model and type of leadership.

This project presents the first neuro leadership system that combines the benefits of the interaction in virtual reality with implicit objective measures to obtain a model that reflects the current needs, competencies, abilities, and behaviors of leadership.

Through the use of biometric signals and virtual environment tests and serious games, a new methodology for analyzing human behavior in organizations is proposed. The use of mixed reality with hyper-realistic avatars enhances the natural reactions of the users that allow the evaluation of their behaviors in real situations.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) emerges as a promising technology that can overcome the above-mentioned problems. VR provides the possibility to generate various real situations, including social situations, eliciting embodied experiences in which body, environment, and brain are in a close relationship.