A new partnership for EuroXR and ISVR

We are glad to announce the start of a new collaboration with ISVR.

The International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation and EuroXR have signed a collaboration pact with the aim of consolidating relations across Europe and pursuing a common project, the union of XR professionals. Both associations have as their main aim to encourage research, education, advocacy, and better collaboration between researchers, clinicians, industry, and policymakers.


About ISVR

Established in January 2009, the society provides a multidisciplinary forum for engineers, scientists, and clinicians who are interested in employing new technologies for physical, psychological, cognitive, and social rehabilitation applications. The purpose of the society is to facilitate interaction between the communities interested in the field in order to: promote discussion, facilitate standardization, create opportunities for collaboration, represent the virtual rehabilitation community, and provide recognition for excellence.

Initial membership of the Society was comprised of regular attendees at two conference series ICVR (International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation) and ICDVRAT (International Conference on Disability Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies) but its membership has now expanded much wider than this both in its membership and in its affiliations with other conferences (ICRANITAGLaval VirtualicSPORTS 2016NEUROTECHNIX 2016) and organisations (IISARTIFRH).