A new partnership for EuroXR and VRISI

EuroXR officially announces the start of a new collaboration with VRISI – VR in Science and Industry.

We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with a great network like VRISI, our aim is to join forces for a common cause, the future, and the development of new technologies.

Some time ago we talked about how the European landscape is fragmented by numerous bodies and institutions operating in the field of extended reality, which is why we would like to stress the importance of uniting our networks.



“VR in Science and Industry – Network NRW eV” wants to promote virtual reality and augmented reality in science and industry: companies and research work together, develop and market services and solutions. New ideas, components, and applications are identified and brought forward.


  • Collaboration and networking in research, development, and application in VR / AR technology
  • Strengthening the competence in the region and marketing for VR / AR
  • Initiation of joint projects
  • Participation in funding projects
  • Lobbying for politics, administration, and associations

Stay tuned to find out more