New publication in the “MDPI  journal of Applied Sciences”


The Technology Assisted Training and Therapy group of LabLENI – Universitat Politècnica de València has published a new article entitled “An Immersive Serious Game for the Behavioral Assessment of Psychological Needs” in the MDPI  journal of Applied Sciences.


The paper presents a virtual reality serious game for the behavioral experience and evaluation of psychological needs: attachment, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and maximization of pleasure, and minimization of distress.

Motivation is an essential component in mental health and well-being. In this area, researchers have identified four psychological needs that drive human behavior: attachment, self-esteem, orientation and control, and maximization of pleasure and minimization of distress. Various self-reported scales and interviews tools have been developed to assess these dimensions. Despite the validity of these, they are showing limitations in terms of abstractation and decontextualization and biases, such as social desirability bias, that can affect responses veracity. Conversely, virtual serious games (VSGs), that are games with specific purposes, can potentially provide more ecologically valid and objective assessments than traditional approaches. Starting from these premises, the aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of a VSG to assess the four personality needs. Sixty subjects participated in five VSG sessions. Results showed that the VSG was able to recognize attachment, self-esteem, and orientation and control needs with a high accuracy, and to a lesser extent maximization of pleasure and minimization of distress need. In conclusion, this study showed the feasibility to use a VSG to enhance the assessment of psychological behavioral-based need, overcoming biases presented by traditional assessment.

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