Biennale Venezia 2020


Virtual Reality joins more and more to the Art world.

Since 2016, the Venice International Film Festival was one of the first film festivals in the world to demonstrate an interest in Virtual Reality.

The development of the VR Theater in 2016 sparked enormous interest among the participants of the Venice Production Bridge. Starting in 2017, La Biennale di Venezia launched the first competition of Virtual Reality works, held for three editions.

For the 2020 edition, Venice VR, the official virtual reality competition section of the Venice International Film Festival, will no longer be shown physically in Venice lido. Available entirely online, rebranded as Venice VR Expanded to reflect the shift to a 100% Virtual Exhibition, on a dedicated platform.

From 2nd to 12th September 2020, viewers will be able to experience the official selection and activities of Venice VR Expanded.

Thanks to the availability of numerous institutions that adhered to the satellite programme, the public that does not have the necessary VR equipment for personal use will be able to view the 44 VR expanded projects from 24 countries, accessing these locations, equipped with the necessary technologies. Each of these institutions will equip for the period of 77th Exhibition (2 – 12 september) a special VR lounge open to the public, equipped with VR viewers, where spectators can explore the 31 immersive projects in the competition of Venice VR Expanded, the nine out of competition projects – best of VR and the four projects developed during the fourth edition of the biennale college cinema – VR.


For more information visit the official website: Venice VR Expanded