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New publication on Springer

We are pleased to share with our community the recently published Springer paper from a new Ph.D. graduate co-supervised by Matthieu Poyade, entitled “Effect of marker position and size on the registration accuracy of HoloLens in a non-clinical setting with implications for high-precision surgical tasks”  

Meeting the Network: Tarcan Kiper

Meeting the Network, the series that takes you to meet the members of the association, today presents you Tarcan Kiper. Tarcan Kiper is the co-founder and CEO of Dors Venabili Cyberspace Technologies Inc., a high-tech firm specialized in Digital Health and VR Therapeutics solutions with its VR/AR-based cognitive and physical assessment and training platform.  As […]

EuroXR Executive Committee Election – 2021

According to the EuroXR statutes, the Executive Committee and the President have to be elected every three years for a mandate of three years. For this reason, all EuroXR members are requested to vote for it. You will find here below the lists of candidates subdivided between Corporate and Individual. All members will receive more […]

VR4REHAB presents the Hackathon for Covid Rehab

VR4REHAB launches the Covid Rehab Hackathon. VR4REHAB organizes an audition process that will see some of Europe’s best developers compete to create products that use virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital technology to help rehabilitate people who have suffered from Covid-19. The “Hackathon” will be a digital event, from 17 to 21 May 2021, bringing together VR and […]

Virtuactions: a Virtual Reality Arena

  Location-based entertainment (LBE) is one of the most promising areas in the segment of Virtual Reality. The hallmark is that a group of participants can interact with each other in a virtual environment in the prepared area. Just imagine yourself and your friends exploring an abandoned castle and looking for the answers to the […]