Discover all the winners of EuroXR 2021

The annual conference has come to an end, and as every year we are happy to announce the winners of the 18th edition.
We thank all participants and supporters of EuroXR 2021 and we invite you to participate in next year’s Conference, 19th Edition, organized by VDC Stuttgart, Germany


Best Scientific Paper Award
Tangible interactions to navigate through space & time inside a Virtual Environment
Pierre Mahieux


Scientific Paper Honorary Mention Award
Comfort and Sickness while Virtually Aboard an Autonomous Telepresence Robot
Markku Suomalainen


Best Application Paper Award
A prototype for the treatment of children with selective mutism using interactive 360° VR
Robert Belleman


Best Scientific Poster Award
Immersive Serious Games for Learning Physics Concepts: The Case of Density
Iuliia Zhurakovskaia


Best demonstration Award
Hybrid Design
Christoph Runde