Participate in the EuroXR Survey and drive XR forward

We cordially invite all the XR expert to participate in the EuroXR Association research effort to define the “XR Technology Roadmap” and be one of the pioneers of tomorrow’s choices.

EuroXR aims to pursue this challenging research using its own resources, and we therefore ask for your valuable contribution, hoping that you will be pleased to participate in this important initiative. The European Commission gives the opportunity to provide advice reports once a year, your information will help shape future calls for proposals in the European Commission’s framework program Horizon Europe.

For this reason, the EuroXR Association has chosen the mission to define, with your fundamental input, an XR technology roadmap report that will be submitted as part of the European Commission’s Horizon Europe call.

Together, we have the power to influence the decisions of the European Commission. Please note that all responses will be treated completely anonymously, and your name will not be mentioned in relation to the information you provide.

The estimated time to complete the survey is 30 minutes. In exchange for your time and responses, we will be glad to share the report of the results of this survey with you.

From all responses, we will be selecting some XR Experts for a follow-up consensus panel activity to validate the responses to this first survey. You can nominate yourself and/or your lab for this XR Panel. It would ask you about 90 minutes of your time, via 2 follow-up online surveys.


Take the survey

*Please reply by the end of next week, Tuesday, April 20,17.00 GMT+1, after that the survey closes.


In recognition of your valuable time, effort, and input to this survey, we will share a copy of the results of this first survey with you.