Grab your free ticket for EuroXR 2021!

As an exception, this year the EuroXR Association has decided to hold a virtual conference, providing free tickets for all visitors.

EuroXR 2021 is the opportunity that encloses together business, science, and technology.
We encourage all the greatest minds of Extended Reality to participate to exchange knowledge, share new results and applications,  and enjoy demonstrations of current and emerging technologies.

This year, EuroXR 2021 is going virtual!

Once again this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EuroXR 2021 conference will be held virtually.
We believe this is the best way to guarantee the best audience while maintaining the maximum security conditions for the attendees.

18th EuroXR International Conference is an annual 3-day conference on XR content and innovation. Bringing together people from research, industry, and commerce. EuroXR 2021 goal is to unite the XR community with the best professionals in the industry and form collaborations for future work.

24-26 November
 EuroXR 2021 – CNR-STIIMA

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