The ARESIBO project: an innovative surveillance system

The EuroXR member VTT is one of the partners of the ARESIBO project, an innovative surveillance system, which uses new fusion techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to improve situational awareness in the border security domain. ARESIBO project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

During the last meeting (10th Febraury), the project coordinator presented the technical and operational objectives of this Horizon 2020 project, while other consortium experts explained the project’s evolution. The introduction was followed by the demonstration of the first version of the ARESIBO operational prototype by the Hellenic Ministry of Defence. The prototype consisted of four phases: preparedness (surveillance plan); event detection; analysis and response and resolution.

The consortium partners of the Aresibo project


ARESIBO aims at improving the efficiency of the border surveillance systems by providing the operational teams and the tactical command and control level with accurate and comprehensive information. The pillars of research in ARESIBO are three-fold:

  1. Set-up a complete configuration at tactical and execution level to optimise the collaboration between human and sensors (fixed and mobile assets),
  2. Improve situation awareness by enhancing the understanding of the situation through adapted processing of sensor data, the correlation between heterogeneous data and information, and creation of knowledge through deep learning techniques and
  3. Create a situation awareness capability at C2 level that will combine reports on previous missions, real-time situation understanding and threat analysis for future actions.




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