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EuroXR is pleased to be able to continue its cooperation with the renewed AFXR association, always maintaining as a point of contact Daniel Mestre, Executive Committee member of EuroXR and founding member of AFXR.

AFXR Virtual Reality

The AFXR association is a collective of women and men passionate about immersive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and their uses. Created by the union of THINK TANK UNI-XR (“UNI-XR”) and the French association of virtual reality/Augmented/Mixed Reality and 3D Interaction (“AFRV”), the Association of French XR invests in the defense and promotion at the international level in France. 

AFRV pioneer of the domain created in 2005, focused on the scientific dimension and the promotion of research with the main accounts of the sector  Uni-XR, born from the grouping of authors, producers, and creative studios focused on artistic forms, narrative, and entertainment applications.

XR technologies – virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality – will shape the world of tomorrow, and European and French actors in particular will have all the knowledge and skills to offer solutions that will guarantee certain digital sovereignty. We must be careful not to reproduce certain mistakes of the past and our community must take precautions to maintain this course.

Together, let us build the framework of a French XR, responsible and guarantor of our common interests, in full transparency. The AFXR community is growing very rapidly, from the beginning of 2020 until now 3 events have been organized, despite the COVID-19 crisis that overwhelmed us.

XR has been able to adapt and give a new value proposition and using a more agile model.  Obviously, beyond this particular period, the choice of virtual conferences is obvious and will last over time, so as to continue to promote our technologies and the French XR, while allowing to reach a much wider audience.  Thanks to all members, the AFXR blog and its social networks are also enriched every week, reflecting the dynamics of the French community.

Our mission consists of promoting the French XR nationally and internationally; promoting networking among members and support them in their projects. Bringing together the academic world, French research, and private companies; produce quality publications for the benefit of all;  build a knowledge base that allows current and future players to be kept up to date; revealing talents and facilitate networking between students and companies;  proposing a quality charter for the French XR, which respects the fundamental values we defend.



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