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EDIFY – virtual education

An opportunity to co-create and build virtual educational experiences

Edify is a virtual reality and video conferencing platform that enables remote, immersive, and engaging educational experiences.

From demonstrating gravity in a virtual physics lab to teaching immunity inside the human body, edify helps students learn in impossible ways. Developed in partnership with The University of Glasgow, the platform allows educators to take students wherever they want to go, wherever they are, with immersive lessons and hands-on teaching delivered across browser, mobile & VR.

With or without a headset. Educators can demonstrate concepts in virtual laboratories, spaces, or worlds while students interact and observe. Over time, the library of experiences will grow to cover all disciplines and allow for even richer, more collaborative digital learning experiences.

edify virtual education

Edify is creating the most immersive, accessible, and expansive augmented learning platform available anywhere. A place where students and educators can connect and collaborate across mobile, browser, and virtual reality. Go beyond the lecture theatre to explore virtual worlds, conduct challenging or costly experiments, and bend the rules of reality from anywhere, on any device.

To celebrate the beta launch, Edify invites educators to submit a teaching idea to bring your subject to life! 

The best ideas will have the opportunity to be funded and built.
With up to £100k of funding available, anyone working in higher academia can take part!
Open to all disciplines, we invite educators to submit (in 200 words or less) a teaching idea to bring your subject to life.

It is important to underline that entrants will receive a free license to use the VR & video conferencing platform in their teaching for one semester.


Submit an idea here:

Deadline: 30th September 2020.