Laval Virtual ReVolution: calls for competitions “VR5.0”

It is now possible to take part in Laval Virtual ReVolution “VR5.0”, the competition which aims to bring together the most innovative projects in the field of virtual reality.

This initiative is part of Laval virtual (20-24 March 2019), the largest exhibition of innovations and new technologies, with 323 exhibitors and 18.400 visitors for 5 days. An international event that has brought together, in 21 years, professionals, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalist and users belonging to the VR field.

The name of the competition is Laval Virtual ReVolution “VR5.0” because the projects involved represent the early beginnings of future Virtual Reality technologies which could become a part of our future daily life. A jury of professionals and scientists will reward the best project with a special price: they will receive a booth in the Laval Virtual exhibition.

Deadline: 21st December 2018. The results will be announced between the 7th and the 14th January 2019.

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