VR4REHAB session at EuroVR 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that VR4REHAB will take part in EuroVR 2020.
A special session entitled VR4REHAB-VR for Rehabilitation will take place on 27 November from 10.00 to 12.00.
An opportunity to discover the recent progress of the VR4REHAB Interreg Project and to discuss the future of rehabilitation and healthcare innovation strategies.

Image courtesy of VR4REHAB 2019

Moderator of the session will be Remco Hoogendijk, Manager of the Innovation department at the Sint Martensklienik, Nijmegen This will be followed by the interventions of numerous experts in the field: “Trunky XL” by Kiki Coppelmans; “Moving Reality” by Noël Keijsers; “Crystal Ball” by Lukas Lorentz; “Implementing VR in healthcare” by Robbert Brouwer; “VR Traveller” by Jana Stötzel; “Move VRee” by Gert-Jan Brok; and “Pain Toolkit” by Denis Martin.


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