The VR4REHAB project is a contributor for ISVR Newsletter

EuroXR is one of the project partners of the Interreg VR4REHAB project. The VR4REHAB project specifically focuses on enabling the co-creation of Virtual Reality-based rehabilitation tools.

By identifying and combining forces from SMEs active in the field of VR, Research Institute, clinics, and patients VR4REHAB aims at creating a network in which the state-of-the-art of VR-technology could meet the rehabilitation potential and thus answer to the needs of patients and of their therapists.

Recently the project was presented in the last newsletter published by the ISVR-International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation.

The International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation has as its main purpose the encouragement of research in, education in, advocacy of, and improved collaboration between researchers, clinicians, industry, and policymakers with regard to, virtual rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation. Established in January 2009, the society provides a multidisciplinary forum for engineers, scientists, and clinicians who are interested in employing new technologies for physical, psychological, cognitive, and social rehabilitation applications. The purpose of the society is to facilitate interaction between the communities interested in the field in order to: promote discussion, facilitate standardization, create opportunities for collaboration, represent the virtual rehabilitation community, and provide recognition for excellence.

The VR4REHAB article focuses on the importance of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the rehabilitation process, outlining all the stages that form this Interreg project, which is now almost at the end of its journey.


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