4DMED: Virtual Reality at the service of Healthcare

Virtual Reality encompasses surgery simulation

The Healthcare sector is one of the most promising areas in which virtual and augmented reality are being used. For many years, immersive technologies have been accompanying medical professionals in their daily tasks.  How has virtual reality enabled significant progress and support for medical research?

4DMED is one of the members who recently joined the EuroXR Association. The company operates in the medical field for many years, with several offices in Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong.

4DMED Ltd is a medical software and medical device development company that intends to design, patent, and market a medical virtual reality operating system with integrated, customary haptic and position sensing interfaces for the health care education research, software, and medical device markets.

4DMED has a strong advocate of “learning by doing”, which transferred as one of the core values of the business. Learning by doing has always been the preferred way to teach medicine. Virtual simulation allows training to be repeated, improving information retention, and learner confidence.

During 2020 we all have seen that virtual simulation has proved itself indispensable in adapting to the circumstances that the world has experienced. In this way, it was still possible to achieve pedagogical objectives such as clinical reasoning or procedural learning. Virtual simulation is therefore a necessary complement to current training solutions. 4DMED made healthcare simulation more accessible and realistic which through a cell to learn how the body fights off viruses.

4MED’s mission is to provide interactive and efficient ways to train healthcare professionals thanks to the latest technological innovation. Offering a wide range of simulator technologies to provide different sectors, such as Medical schools, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical laboratories, and more.


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