The use of XR in the cultural and creative industries

VDC Fellbach (Virtual Dimension Center) new project outlines the use of XR in the cultural and creative industries.

What are virtual technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality actually doing in the cultural creative industry? An incredible amount – XR, VR and AR as we know it today would be unthinkable without these industries today: the games sector and film have been driving V/AR technologies for 30 years. But the performing arts, museums and exhibitions, and cultural heritage education also use V/AR. In the creative industries, V/AR has a massive impact on architecture, design, and marketing.

In the VDC report “Application Center V / AR Report # 16: AP8 – Whitepaper XR in the cultural and creative industries”, the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) answered the questions where XR methods and technologies are currently used in the cultural and creative industries become.

The labor market of XR in the cultural and creative industries is very large due to the high number of (creative) service providers and is also growing dynamically. The published whitepaper of the Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach (VDC) now provides an overview of current applications of VR and AR in the cultural and creative industries and shows the opportunities and limits of the use of technology.

The areas of application of XR are extremely diverse within the cultural and creative industries. The whitepaper covers the segments of museums, performing arts, cultural heritage mediation, film, games, architecture, design and marketing. However, the driver of numerous XR technology fields has been the XR games industry for more than 20 years and will continue to do so due to its current and forecast sales in the market.

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