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We are pleased to share the achievements of our members and hope it will be of interest to you. The members of the School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) recently published the paper A Transferable Psychological Evaluation of Virtual Reality Applied to Safety Training in Chemical Manufacturing”  in the ACS Chemical Health & Safety.




High-profile accidents in the Chemical sector—across research and manufacturing scales—have provided strong drivers to develop a new benchmark in safety training and compliance. Herein, we describe the design, implementation, and standardized psychological evaluation of virtual reality (VR) applied to process safety training. Through a specific industrial case study, we show that testable learning of complex safety-specific tasks in VR is statistically equivalent to traditional slide-based video training. However, VR training presents a measurable positive improvement on trainees’ perception of overall learning and their feeling of presence in the task during training. It has also been shown that knowledge retention from video lectures can be overestimated, if not controlled. Through these results—and our transferable blueprint for robustly assessing any new VR training platform—we envisage a range of technologically enabled efforts to enhance safety performance in both laboratory- and plant-based activities. Implications for physical resource-saving projects are also described.


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