Open position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Post-Doctoral Research Associate (1.0FTE).
Simulation and Visualisation

Unpath’d Waters (UNPATH) is a major new research project funded by the AHRC’s Towards a National Collection Programme. Led by Historic England, Unpath brings together first class universities, heritage agencies, museums, charitable trusts and maritime heritage experts to work across the UK and the Isle of Man building connections between multiple major maritime collections. It will use Artificial Intelligence to devise new ways of searching across newly linked collections, simulations to help visualise the wrecks and landscapes, and scientific techniques to help identify wrecks and find out more about the artefacts and objects associated with them. UNPATH will deliver integrated management tools to help protect our most significant marine and maritime heritage.

A core element of UNPATH’s research activity, led by the School of Simulation and Visualisation at Glasgow School of Art, focuses on meaningful access to maritime data through novel immersive (VR/AR/XR) interfaces. These will be designed to serve multiple new audiences and these interfaces will be rigorously co-designed with each intended audience. This process will be undertaken in collaboration with a number of UNPATH partners including MOLA and the Universities of Southampton, St Andrews and Bradford. The outcomes of the work will be widely shared to inform, engage and inspire new and existing audiences.

We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and talented post-doctoral research associate who will work with the UNPATH team in to engage in the co-design process as well as being instrumental the development and dissemination of the final immersive output.

Closing date for submission of completed applications:  Midnight 07th March 2022  


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