A consensus study about the state of XR 2022- 2030

The path towards realizing the full potential of XR technologies needs to be clarified in order to make informed decisions about research and development agendas, investment, funding, and regulations. XR (VR/AR) is part of the “Essential Eight” key enabling technologies (KETs) of the 21st century.

In order to provide insights into the best approach to further develop XR towards its full potential, the EuroXR Association has initiated and financed a study that draws on the expertise of independent senior XR experts throughout Europe.

The results were analyzed into a concise roadmap using the well-known Delphi method. This can help members of the European Commission and the XR community to take appropriate measures and decisions on the path forward so that XR can contribute to the solutions of the global problems of our society and planet.


19TH EuroXR International Conference, EuroXR 2022. Proceedings

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EuroXR2022: Proceedings of the EuroXR Conference

The focus of EurXR 2022 is to present novel Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies, including software systems, display technology, interaction devices, and applications.

Besides scientific papers reporting on new advances in the VR/AR/MR interaction technologies, the conference programme includes application-oriented presentations, creating a unique opportunity for participants to network, discuss, and share the latest innovations around commercial and research applications.

As in previous years, we welcome industrial and academic exhibitors, as well as sponsors, all within the same exhibition area, to connect with our community. Our major priority is to provide authors the opportunity to prestigiously disseminate their innovative work within the wide community of end-users, from large scale industries to SMEs.


Fundamentals and Applications

This book is important and timely – XR technologies have overcome the 3 main aspects that were holding it back from mainstream adoption: cost, cables, and size. However, there are many aspects of XR technologies that are now going to be explored and developed that still need urgent research in terms of security, privacy, health and safety, long-term effects, addiction risks, and age-related developmental concerns, and the aim of the book is to inform all readers of these open issues and challenges. There are currently a great number of interdisciplinary researchers and developers working in the XR R&D field. Recently, XR technologies moved from the Gartner Hype Cycle onto the Plateau of Productivity on the Gartner Hype Cycle signaling that the fundamental XR technologies are now deemed mature technologies and ready for deployment in a wide variety of application areas. Corroborated by the fact that XR technologies are part of the future Metaverse, a concept that went rapidly mainstream during the time of writing of this book.