Special Sessions Overview

Van Weelde Zaal – Floor 4th

Day 2 – Thursday, November 30 (17:00-18:30)

VR for vocational training and career guidance

Dr. Mikhail Fominykh, IMTEL NTNU, Norway.

Prof. Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, IMTEL NTNU, Norway.

Leonie van Haren, Techniek College Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

This special session is organized by the VR4VET project, and an EU-funded initiative aiming at designing open-source VR applications, and training how to integrate them into counseling and educational processes.

Program: https://www.vr4vet.eu/vr-for-vocational-training-and-career-guidance/ 


Day 3 – Friday, December 1 (15:15-16:15)

Virtual Experience Research Accelerator

Prof. Greg Welch, University Central Florida, USA.

This special session presents the VERA international initiative, a Mechanical Turk-like ecosystem (hardware, software, and people) that will enable VR researchers to carry out studies using large and diverse populations, thus enabling high-quality human subject research studies that will generalize to the population at large.

Abstract: Click here to download

VERA webpage: https://sreal.ucf.edu/vera/