EUROVR 2015_ LECCO 15-16 October


15th OCTOBER 2015

09.00 Registration

10.00 Opening session

10.30 Keynote speaker: Richard Tisdall (HAPPY FINISH Director)

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Session 1: TRAKING + Exhibitors presentations

Cortechs: A Device-less Smartphone

Melanie Buset, Elias Fares, Jed Looker, Paden Shorey

Physical Impacts of Gestural Interactions: Towards a New Assessment Method

Sobhi Ahmed, Laure Leroy, Ari Bouaniche

 Towards ubiquitous tracking: Presenting a scalable, markerless tracking approach using multiple depth cameras

Michael M. Otto, Philipp Agethen, Florian Geiselhart, Enrico Rukzio


13.00 Lunch

14.00 Session 2: HEALTH & WELLBEING

3D-Tune-In: 3D sound, visuals and gamification to facilitate the use of hearing aids

Lorenzo Picinali, Mirabelle D’Cruz, Luca Simeone on behalf of 3D Tune-In consortium

 A prototype of an automatically assisted and person-focused rehabilitation system for post-stroke patients at home

Stefano Mottura, Sara Arlati, Luca Fontana

 Augmented Notepad: an augmented reality application to support elderly people in daily activities

Maria Di Summa, Marco Campanale

 GOJI an advanced virtual environment for supporting training of physical and cognitive activities for preventing the occurrence of dementia in normally living elderly with minor cognitive disorders

Luca Greci

 Immersive virtual reality in rehabilitation: a preliminary efficacy assessment on children with acquired brain injury

Emilia Biffi, Elena Beretta, Eleonora Diella, Daniele Panzeri, Cristina Maghini, Anna Carla Turconi, Sandra Strazzeri, Gianluigi Reni

 ZebraX: sonification of road crossing guidance data for visually impaired individuals

Lorenzo Picinali, Andrea Gerino, Sergio Mascetti2, Dragan Ahmetovic and Cristian Bernareggi


15.30 Coffee


A Comparative Study on High and Low Cost IMU Drift for an Augmented Reality Application

Lakshmi Prabha N. S., Alexandre Santos, Olga Beltramello

 Distributed Architecture of Secure Semantic AR Services

Adam Wójtowicz, Rafał Wojciechowski, Krzysztof Walczak, Dariusz Rumiński

 Framework for Creating InteractiveBrowser-Based Virtual Worlds

René Apitzsch, Felix Pfeiffer, Tino Riedel, Andreas Golle, Mario Lorenz, Philipp Klimant, Matthias Putz

 Framework for Transparent Execution of Massively-Parallel Applications on CUDA and OpenCL

Jörn Teuber, Rene Weller, Gabriel Zachmann

 The Effects of Multisensory Cues on the Sense of Presence and Task Performance in a Virtual Reality Environment.

Natalia Cooper, Ferdinando Milella, Iain Cant, Carlo Pinto, Mark D White and Georg F Meyer

 Towards New Interconnected VR and 8K Technology

Artur Binczewski, Maciej Glowiak, Maciej Strozyk

17.30 End

18.30 Leaving for dinner

20.00 Gala Dinner in Varenna



16th OCTOBER 2015

09.00 Session 4: COLLABORATION

A Layer-based 3D Virtual Environment for Architectural Collaboration

Susanne Schmidt, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke

A Multi-view and Multi-interaction System for Digital-mock up’s collaborative environment

Bo Li, Ruding Lou, Frederic Segonds, Frederic Merienne

 A Tool for Collaborative Decision Making on Service Information Linked to 3D Geometry of Complex Hierarchical Products

Daniel González-Toledo, María Cuevas-Rodríguez, Carlos Garre, Luis Molina-Tanco, Arcadio Reyes-Lecuona

 Qualitative assessment of an immersive teleoperation environment for collaborative professional activities in a “beaming” experiment

Guillermo Gomez, Carole Plasson, Frédéric Elisei, Frédéric Noël, Gérard Bailly

 Virtual Reality for Collaborative System Engineering supporting ESA experimental vehicles

Agata Marta Soccini


10.15 Session 5: ENGINEERING + Posters presentations

Ergonomic Validation of Manual Processes through Posture Detection Using Optical Sensors

Stratos Antoniou, Loukas Rentzos, George Pintzos, Dimitris Mavrikios, George Chryssolouris

 The presentation of procedures in virtual training of assembly tasks: segmented vs. whole task approaches

Alyson Langley, Glyn Lawson, Setia Hermawati, Mirabelle D’Cruz

 Towards a Low Cost High Immersive Virtual Environment for Training Heavy Machinery Operators

J. Lacueva, M. A. Gracia, J. Gracia, D.Romero, A.Sanchez de Olavarrieta

 Virtual reality environment for disassembly sequences generation and evaluation

Peter Mitrouchev, Chen-gang Wang, Jing-tao Chen


 11.30 Coffee

12.00 Keynote speaker: Andrea Gaggioli

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Session 6: TELL ME project special session

AR in support to helicopter maintenance activities, experimentation results

Roberto Sanguini, Michele Sesana

AR/VR-enabled Architecture for Technology Enhanced Learning in Manufacturing Environments

Stefano Bianchi, Stefano Genolini, Maurizio Megliola, Kaj Helin, Michele Sesana

 Augmented Reality authoring by blue collar workers as key enabler for AR adoption by manufacturing companies

Michele Sesana, Paolo Civardi, Jacopo Marullo

 Exploiting ARgh! on-job-learning tool in Mixed reality training environment

Helin Kaj, Karjalainen Jaakko, Kuula Timo


15.00 Session 7: APPLICATION

A New Approach for Haptic-relevant Simulation of Soft Bodies

Julien Piera, Jerome Perret, Arnaud Geneslay

 A Virtual Environment for mission planning and supervision of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Giampaolo Viganò, Nicola Colosio, Enrica Romano and Mauro G. Todeschini

 Augmented Reality using Point Clouds for Survey and Design in Outdoor Public Construction

Emeric Baldisser, Romain Bronszews,  Jean-Marc Cieutat, Pascal Guitton


16.00 Closing session

17.00 End



TELL ME Special Session

Project Name: TELLME (Technology Enhanced Learning Livinglab for Manufacturing Environments)  http://www.tellme-ip.eu/


TELL ME is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Seven Framework Programme inside the Objective ICT-2011. 8.1 Technology-enhanced learning (advanced solutions for fast and flexible deployment of learning opportunities at the workplace).

Main goal of the special session is to introduce the TELL ME developed system with a specific focus on the role that AR/VR have within the training on the job of Blue Collar Workers in manufacturing environment. Special attention is also devoted on wearable devices piloted and multimodal user interaction.

Paper submission:
17 Jul
Notification of results:
14 Aug
Camera-ready version:
15 Sep
Conference starts:
15 Oct
Politecnico Milano – CNR
Via G. Previati 1/c,
Lecco (Italy)
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