XR Winter School 2021

The XR Winter School is a satellite event of the International Conference on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics (Salento AVR) –“Immersive Presence, Augmented Visualization and Advanced Interaction” on November 16 – 22, 2021 in Naples, Italy.

eXtended Reality (XR) is an emerging umbrella term for all the immersive technologies – Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) – that aims to extend the user senses by blending the virtual and real worlds and creating a fully immersive experience.


Unlike Virtual Reality technology that completely immerses users inside a synthetic environment where they cannot see the real world around them, Augmented Reality permits the real-time fusion of computer-generated digital contents with the real world and Mixed Reality seamlessly integrates these digital objects into reality and the user is under the impression that the virtual and real objects coexist in the same space.

Many applications of XR technologies have been developed in different fields (medicine, education, arts, cultural heritage, entertainment, military, and industry). Recently, new concepts such as Natural User Interfaces and Mobile Immersion have emerged and permit the combination of these technologies with new mobile human-machine interfaces. Consequently, mobile immersion will allow users to move away from purely physical communication mode to a mixed/augmented reality communication, interaction, and collaboration mode. Interactions will be natural and augmentations will become ubiquitous.

The main aim of the eXtended Reality Winter School 2021 is to propose a privileged moment for stimulating discussions and exchanging scientific experiences and technical results related to Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies. The main thematic areas of the XR Winter School 2021 are medicine and industry.

The School is open to Ph.D. and Master students, post-doctoral researchers, and academic or industrial researchers; Ph.D. students will receive credits (CFU/ECTS).

Minimum number of participants: 25

Important Dates

– registration deadline and fee payment: September 15, 2021
– XR Summer School: November 16-22, 2021



The XR Summer School registration fee includes lectures, daily lunches, and coffee breaks as well as the welcome cocktail and the pizza party. The regular registration fee is € 380 (including VAT). A registration fee of € 320 is reserved for Ph.D. students of the University of Naples. The registration fee does not include the accommodation costs.

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