TOPICS OF INTEREST include, but are not limited to:


Virtual reality system architecture
Collaborative and distributed VR or AV/AR/MR
Augmented reality and mobile devices
Augmented virtuality and tangible interfaces
Mixed Reality
Tracking and motion technologies
Advances in display technologies
Image-based 3D modeling and rendering
Realistic rendering of dynamic or complex scenes
3D audio rendering and related technologies
Haptics and force-feedback, algorithms, systems, and devices
Real-time modeling & simulation
Multimodal interaction in immersive environments
Immersive collaboration: technologies, use cases, management
Immersive analytics: interactions, models, architectures
Artificial Intelligence for VR or AV/AR/MR
Virtual humans for VR or AV/AR/MR

Human factors issues

User studies on all issues related to VR or AR/AV/MR
Presence, realism, validity and fidelity
3D user interfaces and/or 3D interaction metaphors
Self-representation and embodiment, avatars, virtual humans
Cybersickness and side effects
Cost effectiveness and cost efficiency
Ethical procedures and guidelines


Industrial applications
Aerospace and Transport
Construction and Architecture
Manufacturing and Engineering
Consumer neuroscience
Organizational neuroscience
Medical and Rehabilitation
Product and Process design
Training and Education
Cultural heritage and other applications for culture
Serious Gaming and Edutainment